Jordanian Girl Memorizes Quran in 7 Months

SHAFAQNA- Hadil Saeed al-Saidawi is a Quran learner at Abi Dajana Quranic center in the Jordanian city of al-Ramtha.

Through her strong will and diligence, she managed to memorize all verses of the Holy Book in a short period of time, Al-Ray daily reported.

When she registered at the Quranic center, she already had memorized 3 of the Quran’s 30 Juzes (parts).

Seven months later, Hadil was a memorizer of the Quran in its entirety.

She says the Quran memorization not only did not interfere with her school work but helped her learn her lessons better and elevated the level of her knowledge.

Hadil says she wishes to become a Quran teacher and help those who want to learn the Holy Book.

While Hadil has set a record by memorizing the Quran in s short time, the youngest Jordanian girl who has learned the entire Sacred Book by heart is eight-year-old Nur Abu al-Layl.

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