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Justice for Syed Mohammad Sibtain Kazmi – Community rallies around its cleric


SHAFAQNA – Syed Mohammad Sibtain Kazmi, a renowned and honourable religious and community leader who has serviced multiple communities across the UK, has been detained in Pakistan on serious charges, of which he is innocent. We need your help to raise money for his safe and prompt return to the UK. Please give generously.

We are working closely with the family of Moulana Syed Mohammad Sibtain Kazmi and working directly with the lawyers in Pakistan to ensure his quick and effective release.

Since 2003 the Pakistan authorities have been trying to arrest and charge him for serious offenses of which he is innocent. Previously he was detained on two separate occasions, in Greece and Iraq in regards to the same charges. We were fully involved during these times and on both occasions we ensured his release back to the UK. The Pakistan authorities then requested his extradition from the UK government, again this request was refused by the UK government due to insufficient evidence against him.

Given this constant persecution by the Pakistan Authorities, we engaged in negotiations with the Pakistan authorities to resolve this matter. Moulana Syed Sibtain Kazmi was invited to Pakistan by his lawyers to agree his surrender. After he arrived in Pakistan, it became apparent that the Pakistan authorities were not being sincere and could not be trusted. Along with the current political situation being volatile, it was advised by his lawyers that he return to the UK. Unfortunately on the 11th of May 2017 Moulana Syed Mohammad Sibtain Kazmi was arrested upon arrival at Islamabad airport whilst trying to return home to the UK.

Syed Mohammad Sibtain Kazmi has spent the last 13 years in the UK serving all communities up and down the country, playing a vital role in many of our lives. Now we feel that it is our duty and obligation to ensure his safety, prove innocence and aid his return back to the UK.

The money raised will go directly to his family, with whom we will oversea the whole process of his return to the UK. Please note, no organizations have stepped forward to assist financially in this matter. Therefore, the financial burden has been placed solely upon his family. We feel it is our duty to help lift that burden by raising the necessary funds to help during these distressing times, for the legal bills, his safety in Pakistan, and for his family to provide him support during this period, which will all result in his return back to the UK.

We all believe and know that he is totally innocent of any offense, therefore we encourage you to raise money in your community centers and places of worship during busy gatherings. Please give generously during this month of mercy, your support will be hugely appreciated. Please leave messages of support with your donations and we will pass these on to Moulana Syed Mohammad Sibtain Kazmi.

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