“Justice will be served says,” International League For Yemen War Crimes

SHAFAQNA – This Friday, the International League For Yemen War Crimes headed by Kim Sharif, a UK-based lawyer will kick-start its legal campaign against all, and each individuals, organizations or powers which have played a hand in the destruction of both Yemen and its people.

Kim Sharif who is a long-standing advocate for justice and democracy in Yemen, has put together a team of legal and rights experts who will challenge the United Nations this February, and demand accountability.

“We need to make clear that war crimes and crimes against humanity will not brushed aside … A grave injustice was committed, and still continues to be committed against the Yemeni people and we will work to bring all criminals to justice. Unless powers are held accountable to the letter of the law justice will remain an elusive and empty concept. Yemen deserves to be seen … Yemen has suffered an unbearable burden,” said Kim Sharif in exclusive comments to Shafaqna.

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