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Before darkness you stood,  forever you will stand

For only your light could thwart those wicked souls

Who in the dark plotted and whispered the demise of the House


But your light was strong and in your veins flowed the light of Muhammad

And in your cries was God’s command, in your hand you held Islam

From behind they came, in the shadows they hid


But your kin stood tall, and in your shadow they held strong

For before the Word there can be no doubt, and in your eyes only light reigns

As their rank grew, as their spears rose, the House towered over them all


In Karbala you stood, betrayed by those who reneged and lied

But alone never for before you the House and behind you your heirs

Arrows they fire, first blood they drew


Your life they took, your breath they stole

Curse be on those who denied your name

But with every tear we have shed for you, your light forever grew


Today Husayn your name we say, today Husayn for you we pray

And on your path we strive to stay, for only in the House’s light can find our way

Before darkness you stood that day, and in your eyes light will forever stay
By Catherine Shakdam

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