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SHAFAQNA – Kind Moharram 2017 is officially welcoming entries to its contest. As in previous years the goals of the contest are to raise awareness and encourage participants to find new ways in which to celebrate, mark, and honour one of Shia Islam’s most precious tradition – the mourning of Muharram.

To spread out Ashura culture and art in community and cyberspace and National and international convergence and synergy in  producing  and publishing the cultural content of Ashura are the Goals of the this Mourning Ceremony. “Kind Moharram Contest” has three sections: Digital art media & Online media & Softwares.
Competition sections:
A) Digital arts consist of:
1) 3 minutes short film:Fiction, documentry, clipart, animation, and personal experience with mobile.
2) photo: A professional single photo, photo collection, personal experience with mobile.
 B) Online media:
1) Internet sites
2) social media
C) Softwares:
1)Multimedia Softwares
2) Applications
3) Computer Games
Competition topics :
Rituals and customs of mourning in Islamic Iran an all over the world.
School and culture of Imam Hossein.
Signs and symbols of Ashora and Imam Hossein.
Noon pray of Ashora noon.
Imam Hossein’s servants.
Demonstration of fortyth of Imam Hossein and its Angles from this huge pilgrimage.
For registering and sending works please refer to this page.
Closing Date:9 December 2017
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