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Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) the defender of Welayah

SHAFAQNA – Ghadeer is known as an Eid in the history; because it has a key role in the destiny of the human beings after the end of the prophethood, and through Welayah, Divine Guidance is continued. That is why Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) said: If any one after Ghadeer does not accept the Welayah, will not have any excuse before Allah (SWT). Addressing Mohajereen and Ansar, she said: Stay away from me and leave me be, with all the indifference and negligence, there is no excuse left for you. Did my father leave any place for excuse on the Day of Ghadeer Khom [1]?

[1] Al-Khisal, Vol. 1, Page 173; and, Ihtijaj, Vol. 1, page 146.

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