Leader of Pakistani Scholars Movement: Da’esh is a big threat to the future of Pakistan

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In an interview with Fars, Sahebzadeh Abolkhair, the Leader of Pakistani Scholars Movement said: Currently, Da’esh is engaged in Syria, Iraq and other countries but this group can be a big threat to Pakistan in future. He added: Da’esh is made up of citizens of various countries who are enemies of Isalm and they follow the ways of Khawarej at the time of Imam Ali (AS) whose aim was to hurt Islam. Abolkhair added: Insult and destruction of the shrines of divine prophets, Ahlul Bait and ruthless killings of Muslims have nothing to do with Islam and the crimes of this Takfiri group in Syria and Iraq can not be denied.

Abolkhair pointed out: If this group is not destroyed in time, the negative effects will spread into all Islamic countries. He continued by saying: Currently Da’esh is not a danger to Pakistan but the exterimist groups which follow its idealogy attack the shrines and Hossainias which can cause serious problems. The Leader of the Scholars Movement stressed: It is not just Syria, Iraq and Pakistan which are in danger but Da’esh is a danger to Islam because none of its activities is according to Islam. The Zionist lobby and Israel support Da’esh because even one non-Muslim group dares to support the activities of Da’esh.

Source: Fars News


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