Lebanese politician described influential role of Iran in regional stability

SHAFAQNA – In a meeting with the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali here on Monday, Gemayel said the role a big country like Iran in security and stability of the region could not be ignored.

Leader of Lebanon’s Kataeb Party Amine Pierre Gemayel hailed Iran’s influential role in establishing stability and security in the region.

He called for Iran’s assistance in the election of the new Lebanese president.

The Lebanese official further described Iran an important and powerful country in the region which has allowed Christians a fully secure and peaceful life for centuries.

He referred to regional situation as very sensitive and said dialogue was the only solution to the regional crises including that of Syria.

Noting that Lebanon as a tiny country gets deeply affected by regional developments, Gemayel urged an immediate peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and reconstruction of the country which he said would allow displaced people to return to their homes.

The ambassador said Iran welcomed the Lebanese-Lebanese talks now underway in the country.

He said Iran believed the issue of electing a president was a domestic one which should be determined through exchange of views among all political parties specially the leaders of Christian leaders.

After the meeting, Fathali told reporters that he discussed regional and Lebanese development with the Kataeb Party leader.

He said they both shared the view that the region was going through a sensitive and dangerous stage.

He also noted that they both hoped the regional nations and governments would be able to land themselves in safety and security without the intervention of any foreign countries by relying on their own resources and capabilities.

On Iran’s views on Lebanon’s presidential elections, he said it was Iran’s principled position not to interfere in Lebanon’s internal affairs.





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