Lebanese Shia cleric’s car targeted by gunfire

SHAFAQNA- A car owned by an influential Shia cleric has been targeted with gunfire by unknown people in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Sheikh Abbas Zogheib’s car came under attack earlier on Friday when it was parked in front of the building where he lives in Baabda district just north of Beirut, a security source told the Daily Star.

The Shia cleric is known for having played a major role in a 2013 hostage swap between Lebanon and Turkey.

Zogheib has filed a complaint at the local police station, saying that at least two bullets have been fired into his car.

Zogheib, a member of Lebanon’s Higher Shia Council, received accidental gunshots on his shoulder and the back of his head when he was mediating between two clans in southern Beirut last year.

He was hospitalized after receiving serious injuries in the attack which sparked condemnations across Lebanon.

The influential cleric followed up efforts aimed at releasing 11 Lebanese Shias who were kidnapped in Syria in 2012. They were finally released in October 2013 in exchange for two Turkish pilots who were kidnapped in Beirut.

Source : Press TV

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