Legal and human rights experts set to challenge KSA at the UN for crimes against humanity

SHAFAQNA – This February a team of experts will travel to the United Nations’ headquarters in New York to challenge Saudi Arabia’s position against Yemen, and present the world with the litany of horrors the kingdom has unfurled onto this one poorest nation of Arabia.

Headed by Kim Sharif, a prominent lawyer based in the UK, the delegation intends to pull the lid on Riyadh’s systematic criminal abuses of civilian populations for military and political gains. Since late March 2015, Yemen has suffered a brutal onslaught against both its land and its sovereignty – besieged, starved, bombed and brutalized, this one nation saw 26 others come together to lay waste its right to political self-determination, under the pretence of democracy building.

Today, over 10, 000 people have died under the actions of the Saudi-led coalition, tensof thousands have been injured, and millions have been displaced.

In an exclusive interview with Shafaqna, Kim Sharif asserted that her team will very much expose Saudi Arabia’s actions “for what they truly are: crimes against humanity.”

She said: “We will go as far as our legs and our hearts will carry us … we have long legs! We shall pursue this matter, and we shall not rest until Yemen’s voice is heard at the highest heights of power. Yemen deserves its Nuremberg! We shall have our Nuremberg, and all those individuals who partook in the murder of the Yemeni nation will see their day in court.

While world powers continue to offer political and judicial cover to Riyadh on account of its financial clout, Yemen is pushing back, resisting imperialism and oppression on all fronts. And while the country stands still thwarted in size and reach, before the lead wielded by the Saudi-coalition, the Resistance is nevertheless gaining ground – a rising force the kingdom might soon wish it had not provoked.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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