How do you like other people treat you?


SHAFAQNA – In a letter to his eldest son, Imam Hassan (AS), Imam Ali (AS) wrote: O’ my son, place your soul as a (just/fair) measuring system between yourself and others; then whatever you do not like for yourself, do not like it for others. Do not oppress anyone, as you do not like any one to oppress you. Do good deeds, as you like others to be good to you. And whatever you consider as bad for others, consider it bad for yourself. And be satisfied and happy with things for others which you are satisfied and happy for yourself. Do not talk about whatever you have no knowledge of, even if you know a little bit about it. Do not accuse anyone of something which you do not like others to accuse you of [1].

[1] Nahjul Balagha, Letter 31.


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