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Lives of Rohingya Muslims mean nothing to UN

SAHAFQNA – The UN special rapporteur on Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, has voiced concern about expulsion of all Rohingya Muslims from the Southeast Asian country.

The international community says a lot but does nothing to save the lives of Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar, says Jahangir Mohammad, director of the Center for Muslim Affairs from Manchester.

“The world does know what is going on and the United Nations keeps sending people there to do reports and saying exactly what everybody else knows, but it doesn’t choose to do anything about it and that’s the key question we have to ask: Why do they continuously not do anything about it?” the analyst said on Tuesday.

“The reality is that the lives of the Rohingya is meaningless to the UN and to the Western powers generally, because the greater interest is for economic exploitation of Myanmar,” he argued.

A four-month crackdown on the minority group has seen some 75,000 Rohingya Muslims flee to neighboring Bangladesh.

The violence against the Rohingya is a blow to efforts by Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, to reach a comprehensive peace agreement with the country’s ethnic minorities.​

Mohammad further criticized Suu Kyi, saying, “The international community considers [her] a person of peace. It’s total hypocrisy. If she is a true democrat and somebody committed to human rights and peace, she should be speaking up” on the violation of Muslims’ rights in her country.

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