Local Muslim center in Ohio takes preventative measures

SHAFAQNA – According to 2 News reported that ” Local leaders of the Muslim Community Center in Beavercreek are holding what they call a very important discussion. It’s centered around ways to prevent teenagers from joining extremist groups like ISIS. After several extremist group related terror scares worldwide, a local organization feels it’s time to start taking preventative measures. With the several ISIS-related terror plots happening internationally and closer to home with the arrest of Chrisopher Cornell. The Cincinnati man purchased several guns and ammunition while publicly showing his support of ISIS on social media.

Local Muslim leaders say it’s time to help parents spot signs of extremism in their children. Bashir Ahmed, a trustee with the Islamic Council of Ohio says parents should pay close attention to their child’s behavior at home and online. “Many Muslim communities across the country are doing programs like this,” Ahmed said. “To make the parents aware. Just because we think this Dayton area is a safe area to live in, it could happen anywhere. So be aware of these kinds of things and bring it to their attention. That’s what the purpose of this whole thing is.”

Ahmed says strong communication between parents and children is key. Ahmed suggests counseling children if parents think their child might be being recruited by extremist groups.

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