The Logic of Imam Ali (AS) is always alive

SHAFAQNA – One of the scholars of Fars came to Tehran, and whilst in an inn, he was robbed of all his money. He knew no one, and he was wondering what he could do. It came to his mind that for earning some money, he could write the command of Imam Ali (AS) to Malik Ashtar on a piece of quality paper with beautiful calligraphy and give it to the chief minister as a gift, in order to guide him as well as to free himself from the difficulty he was in.

This respected scholar tried really hard to write the command, and then made an appointment to see the chief minister. The chief minister asked him: What is this? The scholar replied: The command of Imam Ali (AS) to Malik Ashtar. The chief minister hesitated and then continued with his work. The scholar sat there for a while, and then decided to leave. The chief minister told him: No, you sit down. The respected scholar sat there whilst the people came and went, and it was getting late. The scholar stood up to leave. The chief minister said: No sir, you sit down.

Every one left except the servants, so the scholar once again decided to leave. The chief minister said: No, you sit down; I have something to do with you. The chief minister told the footman: Close doors, no one is allowed to come in, and told the scholar: Come forward. When the scholar sat next to him, the chief minister said: Why you wrote this? The scholar replied: Because you are the chief minister, and I thought if I wanted to do a service to you, nothing is better than to write for you the command of Imam Ali (AS), which is the command of government and is according to the standards of the Islamic government.

The chief minister asked quietly: Did Imam Ali (AS) carry out this command himself? The scholar replied: Yes, he did. The chief minister asked: What did he achieve by carrying it out except defeat? What did it bring for him that you brought it for me to carry it out? The scholar replied: Why didn’t you ask me this question in front of people and waited until everyone left? You even dismissed the servants, and you brought me forward to ask me this quietly? Who do you fear? Do you fear the people? What are you afraid of? Is there anything else apart from this behaviour which has affected people’s minds? Where is Moawiyah now? Where is Moawiyah who used to act like you? Even you have to curse Moawiyah. So, Ali (AS) has not been defeated, once again today, the logic of Imam Ali (AS) has its followers, and the right is victorious again [1].

[1] Haq wa Batel, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 56.

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