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London campaigns against war in Syria

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2177SHAFAQNA – Lindsey German, who organised the Downing Street protest for Stop the War, said it was a “good start”.

“We’ve got thousands of people here and we’ve blocked Whitehall, and there are dozens of demonstrations going on around the country. I’m very pleased.”

German said Stop the War would be “back on the streets” on the eve of a commons vote if one is called by the prime minister.

“There are a whole number of protests planned for this week and we will be lobbying MPs and doing everything we can to try and stop this bombing.

“This won’t be one of those wars people forget about.”

At the London protest, Lois Davis, 61, a former university lecturer, said she had attended every anti-Iraq war protest and said it was “quite obvious we’re doing the same thing all over again”.

“It’s crazy and we have to do something about it. But unfortunately I think there will be strikes, unless Labour MPs realise they have a popular leader who represents public opinion.”

Davis said she was disappointed the protest hadn’t completely closed Whitehall to traffic. “To stop a war you’ve got be able to stop traffic,” she said.

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