Lost Cause – Prince Ali Seraj of Afghanistan

SHAFAQNA – The Pentagon released a report last week warning that the security situation in Afghanistan would deteriorate as a “resilient Taliban-led insurgency remains an enduring threat to U.S., coalition, and Afghan forces, as well as to the Afghan people.


Six U.S. troops dead, others wounded in apparent suicide attack in Afghanistan


How many more American, NATO and Afghan forces must die before the USA own up to the fact that the Pakistani Military and its ISI is responsible for supporting all of the terror activities, not only inside Afghanistan, but also a multitude of other nations.  How long will the USA make excuses for Pakistan and support them financially, while they condemn Leaders like Assad for far less crimes and have imposed sanctions against his country and condemn Iran for supporting terrorists. Where does facts begin and misinformation end?

It is beyond belief that 47 most powerful nations of the world, including the USA have not been able to destroy a bunch of rag tag killers, who make their living through murder and drug trade over the past 14 years.

Far less number of nations were involved in fighting the Nazis and succeeding. Yet the powerful NATO nations have failed against the TALIB>>>>>who???????.

Could it be that the master plan was to COME; SEE and DO NOT CONQUOR and then leave Afghanistan’s security to the Pakistanis?  If that is so, then why waste tax payers’ money and American and NATO lives any longer?

It is a lost cause!

Maybe it is time for the USA and the NATO forces to pack it in and declare defeat at the hands of these killers of the innocent and go home and let Afghans face their faith, whatever it might be.

I am sick and tired of listening to people on the Social Media whine and cry about  what a drain Afghanistan has been on them.  They refer to us as clowns, illiterates, and use many more vulgarities. To these people I say, “had it not been for the sacrifice of 3 million Afghans who fought THEIR war against the Soviet Red Army”, today they would still be practicing nuclear holocaust drill, by hiding under the tables, as they did in the 1960s.

They must thank the brave Afghan Warriors,  for their service and sacrifice to the free world.

I call upon the National Unity Government of Afghanistan and Ashraf Ghani to stop running to Pakistan begging for peace.  They do not want peace as they are about to receive a BIG PIECE.  Why should they bother about negotiation for peace when their dogs are working on delivering Afghanistan without negotiations.  Besides it is high time that the NUG took a lesson from our history and stood on its own two feet and together with all the Tribes of Afghanistan, declared a Fatwa against Pakistan.  If we are to die, then let us die on the battlefield like warriors that we were. Not like scared invalids, as the years of war have made us to be.

The NUG must forget receiving any assistance from those that we have depended on for so long.  Help, that may save us and secure our nation, is not forthcoming.   We only have ourselves to look to for help.  Just as we did against the Red Army, The British and all the other would be conquerors.

May ALLAH ALL MIGHTY give us the will and courage to once again stand up against our MOTHERLAND’S enemies and cry in one voice ” WE WILL NOT LIE DOWN AND LET YOU WALK OVER US. WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN OR GIVE UP. AFGHANISTAN WILL BE YOUR GRAVEYARD.”


By Prince Ali Seraj of Aghanistan

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