Ma’an/PFLP ‘strongly supports’ Abbas UN move to end occupation

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said Monday that it “strongly supports” President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to submit a resolution to the UN Security Council to end the Israeli occupation.

In a statement, the leftist faction also gave a positive assessment of Abbas’ speech before the UN General Assembly, in which the President called Israel’s recent assault on Gaza “genocidal” and likened Israel’s policies toward Palestinians to apartheid.
The PFLP supports the idea of Palestine joining more international organizations, especially the International Criminal Court, the statement said.
Abbas has said in recent days that he will submit a resolution to the UN Security Council to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank within three years. 
A senior Fatah official told Ma’an Sunday that Abbas was prepared wage “political war” on Israel if the US vetoed the UN resolution as expected.
He said Abbas would call for an international boycott of Israel and submit applications to international organizations if the resolution was vetoed.
The PFLP, which is boycotting full participation in the PLO Executive Committee due to lack of elections, is typically at odds with Abbas’ Fatah party, criticizing its security coordination with Israel, among other policies.

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