Malaysia crackdown on Shia Muslims resumes over Ashura


SHAFAQNA – Disturbing reports from Malaysia confirmed that Shia Muslims yet again saw their religious freedom impeded on the Day of Ashura – a date that marks the martyrdom of the Prophet of Islam, grandson: Imam Hussain ibn Ali.

Deemed heretics under Wahhabism rules: Shia Muslims have had to contend with much sectarian-based hatred and brutality over their desire to remain true to the tradition of the prophet, amid calls they abandon it, and instead recognise the authority of Al Saud over the Islamic world.

Several Middle East-based media outlets reported over the weekend that some 200 Iraqis arrested by Selangor religious authorities at a condominium near Serdang were eventually released after pressure from the Iraqi government.

The Iraqis, most of them postgraduate students, were attending a Muharram majlis.


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