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Manicures For All: Muslims Can Finally Wear Nail Polish With This Formula

SHAFAQNA- Within the Muslim religion, women are unable to wear nail polish due to the daily ritual of washing their hands, arms, and face before prayer. Because nail polish is a barrier to the nail, devout Muslims have not been allowed to wear the varnish, thus not being able to enjoy the fun of painting your nails!

… until now.

Orly Beauty has created a nail polish called Breathable, which is a three-in-one polish, including a base coat, the colored nail varnish, and a top coat. The polish is “breathable” and apparently healthy for your nails.

I was introduced to this new formula at CosmoProf Las Vegas and I am obsessed. They have an advanced oxygen technology that allows oxygen and hydration to penetrate through your nails. Think of how a contact lens works over your eyes, the nail polish works the same way against your nails. The formula also includes argan oil, vitamin C, and vitamin B5. The nail polish provides moisture for your nails, while claiming to have a longer-lasting manicure.

I got my nails done in Barely There and maybe due to how often I wash my hands or mess with my hair, my manicure chipped within the same amount of time as they normally do (a few days). However, the chip wasn’t as significant. The nail polish does, however, cut your manicure time in half.

Nail polish that has given Muslim women the freedom to paint their nails, is healthy, and cuts your manicure time in half? I ordered two!

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