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Measuring discrimination in America against Christians and Muslims

SHAFAQNA – Let’s take an informal, totally unscientific poll:

Who do you believe faces more discrimination in America: white evangelicals or Muslims?

Perception and opinion can be all over the place, of course. But a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute says white evangelicals say they see more discrimination against Christians than they do against Muslims.

Here’s the rub, courtesy of The Atlantic:

“Overall, people were twice as likely to say Muslims face discrimination as they were to say the same thing about Christians. Democrats were four times more likely to see Muslim vs. Christian discrimination, and non-religious people more than three. White Catholics and white mainline Protestants were both in line with the American average: Each group was roughly twice as likely to say Muslims face discrimination compared to how they see the Christian experience.

“The people who stuck out, whose perceptions were radically different from others in the survey, were white evangelical Protestants. Among this group, 57 percent said there’s a lot of discrimination against Christians in the U.S. today. Only 44 percent said the same thing about Muslims.”

Do you agree or disagree? Given the political atmosphere in America today, I’m not surprised that a sizeable portion of white evangelicals feel this way. I’m just surprised it’s nearly 60 percent, among other things.

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