Measurment of Space and Time

SHAFAQNA- When we want to measure small distances we use a tape measure. We say that the distance between this corner and the other in this room is 5 metres, for example, or we might say that the length of this pillar is 20 metres. If we wanted to know the distance that a car has travelled, then we take the number of revolutions it’s wheel had made, and from that we calculate the distance in kilometres. And if we wanted to know how deep the ocean floor was, then we would send a sound wave from the ship on the surface of the water to the bottom of the sea. When the sound waves bounced back to ship, the instruments would determine the distance from the speed and the time it took the sound waves to travel back.

But when we want to know how far stars or galaxies are from earth or from each other, we use a different measurement stick. That unit of measurement is called, “light years.” One light year is the measure of distance that light travels in one year, and since light travels at approximately 300,000 kilometres per second, that means that in one second light can cross 300,000 kilometres, in 8 minutes it can travel a distance of 144,000,000 kilometres (that’s how far our sun is from us). and in one year it can trek a distance of about 9,460,800,000,000 kilometres. This is an enormous distance, but realise that there are galaxies that are millions of light years away from us.

It is understood that if we desired to measure gigantic distances, then we would use time instead of space (a metre, a kilometre, and so on). That is if we wanted to tell someone about the distance between our galaxy and the closest galaxy to it we would say that that galaxy is 180,000 light years away, and if wanted to say how far the spiral M83 galaxy is from us, then would say that it’s 10 million light years away, and so on.

After acknowledging this measurement unit let’s make a stop at the verses of the Holy Qur’an. As we know the Qur’an is very precise in every way. Every word is selected with utmost wisdom. Allah says about the Hereafter,

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