Media Bias: London Muslims March Against ISIS Goes Unreported By Mainstream Media

SHAFAQNA – Mainstream corporate media is ruining the United States elections, and in this insightful video, Amy Goodman from Democracy Now explains why. She compares Bernie Sanders — someone who is currently making history and garnering the attention of millions — to Donald Trump, noting how Trump’s airtime greatly exceeds that of Sanders.

This is not surprising, however, as Sanders himself has called out mainstream corporate media for its bias, and many award-winning journalists have done the same, illustrating how mainstream media is plagued by corporate, intelligence, political, and financial interests.

Some of these interests are furthered through pushing the idea that the world faces a great threat, that we are in danger, and must accordingly give more money to the department of defence and more of our personal freedoms to the government; national security must be heightened in order to combat ‘terrorism.’ We have been seeing this with ISIS a lot lately, and with terrorism in general.

Mainstream media ties terrorism to the Muslim faith when they have nothing to do with one another, and unfortunately, this propaganda campaign has been successful in its efforts, brainwashing many people, especially in the United States, into fearing Muslims.

Anonymous describes the situation perfectly, noting that because “the majority of mainstream media outlets serve corporate interests, bias reporting of controversial topics—particularly Muslims and the terror threat—has become a troubling and pressing issue.”

In response to this clear scapegoating of an entire people, last December, thousands of Muslims took to the streets of London, UK, to protest in what has now because the annual March Against Terrorism.

Below is a little clip of the demonstration. Signs brought to the rally read “Islam promotes human rights”and “terrorism has no religion” in order to let people know that the core of the Islamic faith, as with most other religions, is peace.

It is the shame of our age that the Muslim community continues to be misrepresented by mainstream media and bear the brunt of our hatred and fear. The only stories we ever hear about Muslims are related to terrorism, and this is pure propaganda meant to serve Western interests. Stories about suspected terrorists and attacks on Western cities receive extensive media coverage, while the real story — that Muslims around the world oppose terrorism and ISIS, and that ISIS was created by the Western military alliance — receives none. Ask yourself, what is really going on here?

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