Medical breakthrough – Iranians transfer drugs to cancerous textures by magnetic field

SHAFAQNA – Iranian researchers at Tabriz Medical Sciences University, northwestern Iran, have designed anti-lung cancer nanocarriers which are capable of sending drugs to tumor texture using an outside magnetic field.

The magnetic nanoparticles reformed with biodegradable copolymers are promising approaches for smart and controlled transfer of drugs to the intended texture for treating cancer, ISNA reported.

The plan was done in laboratory scale. The researchers investigated use of the nano-drug and its effects in treating cancer.

Abolfazl Akbar-Zadeh, the lead author of the study, said although there are other drugs for lung cancer, but Cisplatin is the key medicine for this type of cancer in spite of its side effects.

Use of nano-drugs, especially magnetic nanoparticles covered with biocompatible and biodegradable polymers, can be a secure and low-cost method instead of chemical ones.

Use of purposeful drug-carrying systems can lessen side effects of many drugs.

The non-toxic nanoparticles can be transferred to the intended place and cancerous textures. They also easily release in cancerous cell because the nanocarriers are sensitive to the PH of the environment.

The results of the study appeared in the Journal of Microencapsulation.

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