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Mengjia is from China with no religious background



Mengjia is from China with no religious background. She was always interested in what happens after life. She had discussions with people in Dubai about Islam but never planned to become a Muslim.


okay, it’s not natural now -my name is  Mengjia I am in my twenties. I’m from Fujian Province in China. I have two legal degrees in China and UK .

I had no religion before and I knew very little about Islam until I came to Dubai so before even I was not a Muslim ,I still think that after this life there will be something. I was quite interested in religion and philosophy and tried to search for the purpose of life or the Creator in the world. so I was interesting so asking Muslims around me about their religion and the philosophy of life. so someone introduced me here. It’s a proper school to really study the principles of Islam.

I follow my teacher to say La Illaha illa Allah here, actually on that day, I didn’t plan to become a Muslim I just came to have a normal chat, while I was going through some difficulties I feel that Allah really can understand my difficulty and already he set this for his purpose not for my own thoughts or beliefs. so even I was quite powerful, i couldn’t fear there was some wisdom behind the things happening to me. So at the moment I suddenly like, was crying and felt that I was ready to become a Muslim. Before I was confused about positive thinking and strong faith, try to make out the difference and now actually quite different, because you are believing the final judgment and the heaven.



don’t rush yourself you can try to adopt some practice in Islam. you can start to wear hijab to wear modestly and try to be fasting during Ramadan or anything you feel comfortable to do then InshaAllah Allah will guides you.

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