Migrant children forced into prostitution in France – UNICEF

SHAFAQNA – This according to a damning report from UNICEF, the UN’s children’s rights organization.

The report also says that forced labour, sexual abuse and violence are consistently used against children travelling alone.

UNICEF has now asked the French authorities to intervene to stop the abuse and remove the children from hams way.

“We know that this is a problem that has existted for a long time – as long as ten years – but in recent years it has become more extreme and severe,” Melanie Teff who heads the organization’s British mission told French media.

We have heard stories of young girls asking for five euros to carry out sex acts so as to be able to get into the camps, or to start a journey to Britain.”

Of the 206,200 migrants that have arrived in Europe by sea this year a third are children, according to figures from UNICEF.

It also estimates that five hundred children travelling alone are currently in the refugee camps in the north of France, including the infamous “Jungle”. Over the past year over 2000 have passed through the camps.

Several other childen have told UNICEF that they had been picked up by criminal gangs and ransomed back to their families.

At the moment, UNICEF estimates that the cost of an illegal corssing ranges between €5000 and €7000.

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