Military courts are the need of the hour : Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)

The issue of military courts has been in the very lime light for the few days. Corrupt political Junta of Pakistan has been under paranoia of being victim of these military courts because of the their corrupt ways and that is the very reason that issue of military courts has been in limbo.  It is important for the government to understand that gaining ground on the matter of military courts will only go so far in the larger battle against terrorism. The APC might have ironed out differences with regard to amending the constitution, but the growing perception, especially in official circles, that this route will prove a major deterrent might be premature. The enemy is obviously well prepared for a fight to the finish. But the traditional system had compromised justice delivery to an unbearable extent. And, as the APC unanimity showed, there was simply no alternative to tie this end, at least.

The legal aspect is, of course, only one part of the overall COIN effort. History is replete with lessons that such trying times demand courageous and inspiring leadership. And on this front Nawaz might have more hurdles to cross than he realises. True, the dharna pressure has disappeared and all political parties stand behind him in this existential war. But so far the leadership has done precious little to inspire the kind of confidence that the country needs. Nawaz has made one strong statement after another since Dec16, but he has offered little except military courts being the most urgent need of the hour, and he is for “elimination of terrorists” and “a safer Pakistan”.

Declining option of military courts is self suicidal. If Politicians are afraid of military courts they must put a condition that after the situation become normal these courts will be closed , military will wrap up its business and go back to barracks. But military courts are the need of the hour to teach a lesson to terrorists.]

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