Milk and fruits as nutritious foods


1. Milk

Imam Ali (PBUH): “cow milk is a curing drug”‌.

Imam Baqir (PBUH): “the great Prophet (PBUH) ate and drank nothing unless he said ‘God may bless it and make it better for us’; meaning God may bless it and benefit us more from that.

2. Fruits

Imam Sadiq (PBUH): “A head of family should buy all common fruits for his family”‌.

3.  Vegetables

Imam Sadiq (PBUH): “there is ornamentation for everything and vegetable is the ornamentation of food”‌.

Being Healthy by Foods

Prophet (PBUH): “do not discard eating dinner even if it is some dates because I am afraid of not eating dinner among my followers which causes early aging since dinner is strength for the youth and the elder people”‌.

Imam Ali (PBUH): “dinner of Prophets was at early hours of night. Do not discard dinner because it would be devastating”‌.

Imam Baqir (PBUH): “devastation begins with refraining from eating dinner”‌.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH): “not eating dinner causes early aging”‌.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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