Moqtada al-Sadr vows to “fill” Iraq’s land with ISIS bodies if reached the holy shrines

SHAFAQNA – The Head of the Sadrist Movement , Moqtada al-Sadr vowed on Tuesday, to fill Iraq’s land with bodies of ISIS elements if tried to get close to the Shiite shrines in Karbala and Najaf, Baghdad and Samarra. 

Sadr said in a statement that “the land of Iraq is the land of the holy sites, any believer must be loyal to Iraq and defend from such barbaric terrorist attacks. ” 

He added that “some threatens to desecrate Karbala and other holy sites in the Iraqi capital and other”, pointing out that “let the one who said it know that we will fill Iraq’s land with their rotting bodies if tried to desecrate any sacred place of this Holy Land. ” 

Video tapes of leaders in ISIS terrorist organization showed them celebrating the control of the organization on Ramadi city and vowed that the next battle of the organization will be in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf, at a time Minister of Interior , Mohammed al-Ghabban said that news of a security threat to the cities of Karbala and Baghdad is exaggerated. 

Sadr, who has brigades in the Popular Mobilization Units said that ” these statements must be taken seriously and work to protect the holy sites with everything precious and deploy loyal Mujahideen who will sacrifice their lives no matter what the circumstances were.” 

Al-Salam Brigades announced on Monday the arrival of many of its fighters to Samarra to control the land and protect the holy places. 
Sources -Shafaq News

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