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Morality of Imam al-Hadi (A.S)


Abu-Hashim Ja`fari has reported: I was afflicted with a bad poverty; so, I went to Abu’l-Hasan `Ali ibn Muhammad. When I sat in his presence, he asked, “Abu-Hashim! Which of the bounties of your Lord will you thank?” I could not speak nor did I know what answer to give to the Imam. He said,

“Allah has given you faith as sustenance hence made your body immune from Hellfire. He has also given you good health hence helped you to obey Him. And He has given you contentment as sustenance hence made you immune from unrestrained way of living.

O Abu-Hashim! I have started speaking to you with these words, for I had the impression that you were going to complain to me of One Who has given you all these blessings. Meanwhile I have ordered one hundred Dinars to be given to you.” [Man-la-Yahduruhu’l-Faqih 4/401, H 5863.]

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