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How did a Mormon get interested in Islam?

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Alexander was born in Chicago in a Brazilian family with Mormon background. He used to go to the Mormon church every Sunday with his mother. But after entering the high school, he left all together and didn’t believe in any religion but just in God. He had no proper direction in his life and so was drawn to alcohol, drugs and ….untill he heard about Islam through one of his friends, Adam. After talking with him for some times, Adam gave him some books. Alexander started to read them and a text about the Prophet Muhammad’s(PBUH&HP) letters to the kings of the time, impressed him deeply. The Prophet had invited them to Islam.

But at the time, there were other non muslim friends who told him other things and made him confused. Once he met Jews for Jesus who gave him a Bible to read and a cross to wear. As he hadn’t been disconnect from God, he prayed alone and asked God to show him the right path.



In this video, Alexander discusses his story of how Islam naturally appealed to him and how it continuously became more and more intriguing as he converted to Islam at the end.



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