Mosques reopen in the Central African Republic

SHAFAQNA – Press TV confirmed on Monday that ten mosques have reopened in  the Central African Republic capital city of Bangui, as sectarian violence appears to have eased off over the past weeks.

Top cleric, Aliou Ousseini told Press TV the mosques were closed after people escaped the violence due to fighting between rival ethnic groups in the landlocked country.

“A house of worship closing its doors is not a good thing,” Ousseini said, hoping that the recent drop in violence would continue its trend.

According to UN figures, over 95 percent of the 436 mosques in the country were destroyed in the conflict between Christian militias and Muslims.

The Central African Republic has been convulsed by turmoil since December 2013, when armed Christian groups launched coordinated attacks against the mostly Muslim Seleka group that toppled the government in March that year.

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