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Mothers’ hands in Yemen are empty

SHAFAQNA – Yemen today has suffered a million deaths!

Yemen today has been turned into a sanglant humanitarian hole – a forgotten people left to wither in despair and isolation.

Mothers have been forced to watch their children slowly disappear to the cruelty and torture which is hunger.

Those mothers whose hands were always open in an eternal act of offering to their kin, have now been closed in anguish.

Mothers’ hands are all but empty, mothers’ hands … those hands which once wiped away tears and consoled their little ones stand idle, barren … like, the land which now witnesses a people’s sorrow.

When not even mothers’ hands can bring comfort and hope, what left is there?

The Mona Relief Organization is fighting to keep hope alive – but this one organization cannot possibly do it alone, its volunteers cannot possibly defy injustice and defeat poverty by themselves.

Yemen needs not handouts but the means to build a better future, one which war stole …

A war is currently being waged against the nation of Yemen; and because its people have been stubborn in their desire to stand free in the face of oppression, hegemonic powers have unleashed their weapons of war – wielding aid as one would do a weapon through abominable sectarian profiling.

Yemen’s rich religious heritage, its traditions, its history and its holy sites have come under relentless attack, communities have been besieged and starved …

So far Yemen’s cries have been muzzled by mainstream media.

The Mona Relief Organization is calling on you to rise a roaring storm against injustice.

“Spend for the cause of God out of what He has provided to you. The spender enjoys the same rank of the Mujahid supporting for the cause of God. He who is certain of the reward will surely spend generously” – Imam Ali

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