Moving Perspectives – Shafaqna Exclusive Interview with Marine Le Pen

SHAFAQNA – In order to bring you, our readers, closer to realities and truths, Shafaqna will conduct a series of exclusive podcast interviews with renown political analysts politicians, officials, religious leaders, and academics.

As always our aim is simple – knowledge.

In a world run, and based on falsehood, Truth has become somewhat of a rare commodity – still, we ought to seek what has been dissimulated as to rise truly free.

As Imam Ali said: “Ask in order to understand, and do not ask in order to find fault, for surely the ignorant man who wants to learn resembles a man of knowledge, and surely a man of knowledge who wants to be difficult resembles an ignorant man who wants to find fault.”

Following is the interview SHAFAQNA conducted with Marine Le Pen, the head of the Front National in France.

SHAFAQNA – You recently took to social media to condemn France’s failure to address radicalism, as expressed by Salafism and Wahhabism. You stated: “ISIL and their murderous ideology that we let develop in our country” are the root cause of the wave of terror attacks France has endured.”

Can you please elaborate on your views?

MARINE LE PEN – I stand by what I said! France and to a greater extent Western powers have failed to adequately address Islamic extremism. We have opened up our countries to such a cancer and today we are confronted with an enemy whom we helped developed  – if not directly by omission. In any country of the world, a minister as powerful as interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve would’ve resigned a long time ago. This is the fault of a state, failing in its first priority, which is the protection of our citizens.

France has witnessed a surge in terror attacks and still officials refuse to address the core of the issue. Our leaders still choose to tiptoe around questions of counter-terrorism. A nation first duty is to its people security. France has failed its citizens, and it has failed to act a leader of nations against the great evil of our time.

SHAFAQNA – You clearly differentiated in between Islam, the faith, and ISIL ideology aka Salafism/Wahhabism. Only recently French Prime Minister Manuel Valls came to the same conclusion when he told the National Assembly: “Yes, Salafism, which has destroyed and perverted a part of the Muslim world, is a threat for Muslims, and also a danger for France.”

Why has it taken so long for France to recognise that Islam is not the problem, when many Muslims have been so vocal about their rejection of Wahhabism?

MARINE LE PEN – Politics! As a country France has lacked political will and political courage. We cannot afford to replicate yesterday’s mistakes. We absolutely have to confront Islamic radicalism and learn its terminology. We have to return to the drawing table and find with our partners the strength and determination needed to defeat this enemy. All people stand to lose to radicalism.

French officials have failed to protect France borders and now we see how our Republic was breached by radical clerics and militants. We see today what devastation Salafism has brought to our cities and our communities.

France needs to rally behind strong policies! We can’t watch these successive terrorist attacks and count the dead without acting. The war against the scourge of fundamentalism hasn’t started. It must now be declared. That is the deep wish of the French, and I will put all my energy so that they are finally heard and the necessary fight is finally undertaken.

SHAFAQNA – Wahhabism as you know is Saudi Arabia state religion. Does this mean that France will reassess its ties with the kingdom?

MARINE LE PEN – I cannot speak for the government but I would hope that all options will be in fact considered. We ought to carefully plan our friendships and alliances. The world is changing and our positions need to reflect that. France will remain a secular country, but it does not mean that religious freedom is under threat, only that the republic takes precedent.



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