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Muharram – Reflections from our readers

SHAFAQNA – Today is the 1st day of the month of Moharrum (Al Haram). In other words today is the start of the Islamic New Year.

However, as I have said almost every year before,the Islamic new year does not begin with messages of “Happy New Year” the likes I have been receiving since last night and continue to receive from Muslim friends.

It is sad and worrying at the same time that folk are still ignorant about their own religion and its etiquette. It reflects no malice or ill-intent on their part and no offence is taken as I know they mean well.

It is however worrying that we are distancing from our core values of faith and principles by diluting them with non Islamic values.

Even in the Pre Islamic era known as the Age of Ignorance the Arabs observed this Month with great respect and sanctity by postponing their feuds and battles.

However, as everyone knows the status of this month was raised even higher after the Martyrdom of Hussain Ibne Ali, the Grandson of Mohammad (peace be upon them both) in the Battle of Karbala.

As the new moon rises Muslims should be remembering Hussain’s Great Sacrifice with sorrow, condolences and by mourning the Grandson of their Holy Messenger (saw).

They should be offering him their respects and sympathy; if he can receive salams in their daily prayers one is certain he can also receive their commiserations on the wholesale massacre of his Holy Progeny at the hands of Yazeed.

It is a month of grief and sorrow in which all celebratory occasions are postponed for the sake of Imam Hussain.

It is with some sadness and regret that I note that there are some people amongst the community who are holding a procession this coming Sunday in the streets of Glasgow allegedly marking “MILLAD” -an occasion associated with celebrating the Prophet (saw’s) Birthday!!

(I have nothing against celebrating his birthday. I also celebrate it but in the appropriate month).

Whilst people are free to practise whatever faith they wish it is disturbing that as Muslims we should sideline Moharrum and Hussain (as) at the expense of the death anniversary of some Pir (allegedly holy man) as this also appears to be one of the purposes of the alleged procession. I’m sure there are many appropriate months in the Islamic Calendar to do that!

(Certainly as followers of Hussain if our own die in this month we postpone their mourning ceremonies until AFTER the mourning for Hussain is complete, i.e. after Moharrum- and certainly we shall never mark any death anniversary of anyone no matter how great that person was- until after end of Moharrum- we are blessed with such patience from Hussain!)

If you want to remember someone’s death then there is none more worthy to weep and mourn over than the Grandson of the Messenger.

I am voicing my opinion and concern as I believe it is unjust and oppressive to allow the name of Hussain to be sidelined in such a manner as I have explained above.

It is an attempt to drown the mission and name of Hussain. It is designed to divert people’s focus from the relevance and importance of this month.

When Yazeed boasted to Lady Zainab, the Great Revolutionary sister of Al Hussain,who after his martyrdom along with the other daughters of the Holy Prophet (saw) were taken prisoners, that he destroyed the the name and family of the Holy Prophet by killing them in Karbala Syeda Zainab scolded him with words that silenced him.

Even though she was chained and risked being beheaded, she addressed him with words that have held true to this day and beyond and that is to say she said it will be Hussain’s name that will remain alive and not his or his father’s!

And we will see that prophecy of her’s revived, as we have been seeing since her words were spoken over 1400 years ago, especially on the 10th of every Mohurram, the Day of Ashura, the day in which Hussain was Martyred, when MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Hussain’s followers will take to the streets of nearly every city in the world to remember his sacrifice-when a multitude of millions will raise their voices as one and call out “LA BAYAKA YA HUSSAIN” (here I am, at your service Hussain).

Just as Lady Zainab’s voice silenced the tyrant Yazeed our voice too will pierce the heart of every tyrant of today and of every age.

Hussain is a global phenomena. No power on this earth can distinguish his flame.


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