Muslim Congress Demands End to Assault on Yemen

Shafaqna – Muslim Congress Demands End to Assault on Yemen.

Muslim Congress issued an statement about Saudi led assault on Yemen. According to this organisation, this statement reads:

Assalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters,


With media reporting that the streets of Aden being strewn with dead bodies of civilians, and the continued bombing of Saudi jets flying over the sovereign state of Yemen, the silence and ‘business as usual’ at UN is mind-boggling. But this is not the first or the last time UN has conveniently busied itself with proposals rather then exerting pressure on the aggressor to stop. This dysfunctional nature of United Nations Organization makes it all the more irrelevant in times of need. But, then, where would the masses turn for help?


With the people of conscience feeling disgusted at the pathetic state of affairs in Saudi Arabia, and its undemocratic Zionist monarchy, the deadly silence still prevails in the West. Where are the voices of reason and the anti-war rallies of the western youth who cannot accept injustice to themselves or others. Can there not be enough pressure applied by the masses to stop aggression or our inaction will allow the slaughter to continue unabated against that impoverished country?


People of Yemen have made their decision to be free. They will not allow any compromise with the criminals and pariahs of this age. They are united in their struggle to be free from outside dictation. But the world body and its Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon have not done their part to stop the killings. People of Yemen have thus shown perseverance and restraint in the face of this Saudi aggression; but their patience has limits and the Saudis may just be digging their own graves.


Muslim Congress condemns Saudi-Israeli aggression against Yemen, and strongly advocates a peaceful solution of this aggression through a meaningful dialogue.


wassalamu alaikum

Muslim Congress

About Muslim Congress

Muslim Congress is an organization based in North America. Our goal is to establish a Muslim Community founded on strong Islamic beliefs where individuals can develop and succeed without compromising their Islamic identity.

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