Muslim Congress strongly condemns despotic Saudi regime’s aggression against Yemen

Shafaqna – “Muslim Congress*” strongly condemns despotic Saudi regime’s aggression against Yemen.

A statement from the Muslim Congress said:Yesterday, the undemocratic, puppet Saudi government with Western support, has officially proclaimed war against a Muslim country. This is illegal, against humanity and against Islam and a violation of International law. It is also a conspiracy by evil forces who like to divide and rule Muslims”.


“We believe that Yemenis should be given the freedom to decide their future and no foreign entity should interfere in their affairs. We condemn those warmongering countries who are supporting this war morally, financially or with weapons and manpower. No aggressor-nation should be allowed to perpetrate such terrorism and major crimes. The Saudi regime has announced that Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar and Kuwait are providing material means by way of fighter jets and warships. We condemn this coalition and their ulterior motives. We demand that the Saudi regime stop its aggression on another Islamic country and we demand this coalition to halt this criminality. We ask the UN to act in a timely fashion and demand the Saudi regime to halt this attack. We ask all Muslim countries and all Islamic and human rights organizations to use all means at their disposal to stop this illegal war before it escalates to another major war in the region. No to war ! Yes to peace !”, the statement reads.


wassalamu alaikum

Muslim Congress


* Muslim Congress is an organization based in North America. Our goal is to establish a Muslim Community founded on strong Islamic beliefs where individuals can develop and succeed without compromising their Islamic identity.

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