Muslim women react to comments made on them by non-Muslim men

SHAFAQNA – According to Huffington Post, Muslim women reacted to comments made by well known atheist, Richard Dawkins saying in his Twitter page: Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?

“Change must come from within our global Muslim society,” British philanthropist Yasmin Choudry responded on Twitter.

Others challenged Dawkins for what they saw as his patronizing tone. Muslim women have “been through this before,” Hind Makki, a well-known Muslim blogger, told The Huffington Post.

“When Europe began colonizing Muslim lands at the turn of the 20th century, we were told by white European men that their dismantling of our religious, economic, cultural, and political systems were for our own good — that we Muslim women needed saving from Muslim men, by Christian European men.”

Makki’s response to such outreach? “No thanks,” she said.

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour said she was “tired of non-Muslims commenting on what Islam is or isn’t.” She added: “As a Muslim woman, I have the agency to tell you that Islam is a feminist religion and informs my role and positions on women’s rights issues. I am a feminist because I am Muslim.”

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