Muslims in Kashmir Get Together to Mark Unity Week

SHAFAQNA- Tens of thousands of Muslims in Indian-ruled Kashmir participated in a gathering for the cause of Unity amongst Muslims all over the world.

Every year, Muslims on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary, observe a week-long program of congregations and processions in order to mark Islamic Unity week. The concept was generated by the architect of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, in order to bring all the Muslim schools of thought under the common platform of Islamic Unity.

The week-long Unity Program includes rallies, processions, and congregations which are held across the region to spread the teaching of the Prophet of Islam.

This year’s procession saw an unusual trend. Despite chilly temperatures, large numbers of children were seen in the unity march. The children are calling upon the Muslim leaders across the globe to take a firm stand against anti-Islamic agents.

Participants also condemned the activities of terrorist groups like ISIL, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, calling them worst enemies of Islam.

According to Islamic scholars, the Commemoration of Unity Week across the globe has increases Muslims’ awareness of the West’s conspiracy against Islam. And there is a need for greater Unity among the Muslim community in order to overcome such plots.


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