Muslims in Qinghai discover non-halal products at halal cake shop, proceed to smash up the shop



A group of Muslim residents smashed up a halal cake shop in Xining city, Qinghai province after they found non-halal products in a delivery van belonging to the shop.


When the Muslim residents discovered no-halal food in the van, they believed that the store was selling non-halal products and became rather angry about the whole affair.


At around 2 p.m. on May 1, a group of Muslim residents converged on the shop and proceeded to smash it up. No causalities were reported.


According to a statement issued by the local government, authorities have stepped in to appease the residents and have ordered the shop to temporarily suspend operations.

The banner reads, “Ai Li” Muslim cake shop use pork and lard as raw materials to cheat Muslim people.”

Further investigation is ongoing. As of time of posting, all mentions of the incident online have been censored.

By Lucy Liu

[Images via Weibo]


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