Muslims, Jews and Christians march for peace in Belgium

SHAFAQNA – Thousands of Muslims, Jews and Christians marched together in Brussels on Sunday, sending a message of interfaith unity and promoting peace in the Belgian community.

Around 5,000 people gathered in the centre of Brussels to participate in a march calling for peace and tolerance between religious faiths.

Walking hand in hand through Brussels streets, marchers denounced the rise of violence, particularly in the Middle East as well as recent attacks in Paris, Copenhagen and other Western cities.

“We must all do something to stop this radicalization of the young be it through the indoctrination by certain imams, indoctrination by priests or indoctrination in prisons, because most of the time it comes from prisons, so we must all try to ensure that the supervision of the young is better,” said Nour Eddine Smaili, president of Belgium’s Muslim executive.

“It’s very important to show solidarity and to convey a message to all countries, especially the Arab countries, so that living together is practiced all over the world,” Simon Najm, who is President of the support committee for Eastern Christians, said.

The march offered a symbol of unity between all faiths against violence committed by some groups in the name of religion.

Also, the march came one day after around 1000 Muslims, Jews and Christians formed a human chain around Copenhagen synagogue, where a volunteer security guard was killed last month.

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