Najaf’s Friday prayers Leader: More than 2 million pilgrims visited the shrine of Imam Hadi (AS)

SHAFAQNA – According to Alsumaria News, in his Friday sermons, Seyyed Sadreddin Qabanchi said: The volunteer forces are ready to take part in freedom operation of Alanbar on the condition that the international allied position becomes transparent and clear. Qabanchi pointed to the successful security operation of Samarra on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hadi (AS) and said: With all the existing dangers, more than 2 million pilgrims visited the 2 holy shrines in Sammara.

Regarding the situation in Yemen, Qabanchi added: Saudi Arabia and its allies announced their inability after all the attacks against Shia Muslims in that country. He stressed: We learned lessons from this war and the most important ones are patience and self-sacrifice and that the principle of martyrdom is the foundation of victory whilst oppression and cruelty are destined to failure.

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