Nelson Mandela’s grandson embraces Islam

SHAFAQNA – The grandson of former South African President Nelson Mandela who converted to Islam recently has married in a traditional Muslim ceremony held in Cape Town.

Nkosi Zwelivelile “Mandla” Mandela released the following statement Sunday evening. “I am honoured and delighted to announce my marriage to Rabia Clarke, in Cape Town, on Sunday. I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rabia’s parents, her extended family and the Muslim community, for welcoming me into their hearts.”

Influential Islamic leader Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels, who wedded the two, informed Anadolu Agency that Mandla embraced Islam two months ago. Mandla is currently the Xhosa traditional chief of Mvezo, Nelson Mandela’s birthplace, while Clarke is from a Muslim household in a Southern suburb of Cape Town. “Although Rabia and I were raised in different cultural and religious traditions, our coming together reflects what we have in common: We are South Africans,” Mandla said.

Hotel staff was sworn to secrecy and were not allowed to speak of the wedding.

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