Netherlands Fatih Mosque Under Threat

SHAFAQNA - Amid increasing anti-Islam sentiments in the west, a mosque in Netherlands has received a letter from an unknown person yet, threatening a looming attack on the mosque during next weekend.

“Go back where they belong,” a hand-written letter reached the Fatih Mosque located in Roermond city of Limburg province, Anadolu Agency reported.

The hand written letter reached the mosque on Tuesday, Nevruz Ozcan of the Netherlands Diyanet Foundation, with Turkish origins, said.

Ozcan noted that mosque-goers were not affected by the threat, especially after police forces took extra security measures around the mosque for several days.

Receiving the letter from the Islamic center, police are currently seeking the sender, the chairman added.

Fatih Mosque is the only Turkish mosque in Roermond near the Netherlands-Germany border, inhabited by 2,400 Turkish nationals.

Recently, Muslims in the west have witnessed series of attacks, ranging from verbal abuses to Arson attacks on mosques, such as the attacks that took place across Sweden in December last year.

Muslim groups all over the west have been making efforts to organise series of outreach programmes to explain the beauty of Islam to their non –Muslim neighbours.

Muslims make up one million of the Netherlands’s 16 million population, mostly from Turkish and Moroccan origin.

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