Neturei Karta denounces Israel’s draft law

SHAFAQNA – Orthodox Jews Rabbis and distinguished community leaders addressed hundreds of Orthodox Jews from numerous communities of the New York City region, on January 27th to voice their protest against the State of Israel’s forced drafting of religious youth into their army. The gathering will take place in The Continental Hall, Brooklyn. Most of the speeches will be delivered in the Yiddish language. At approximately 9:30pm a press conference will be held in an adjoining room. At approximately 9:50pm a speech in English will be given for non-Yiddish speaking attendees of the conference.

“Numerous Orthodox Jewish boys and girls are currently serving time in Israeli prisons for their religious principled refusal to enlist in the Israeli Defense Force” said Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz, spokesman for the conference. “Religious Jews who stand up for their beliefs are being brutalized. The Israeli police break into people’s houses in the middle of the night, drag them out and throw them into prisons for months and even years, simply because they don’t want to serve in the Israeli Army!

“Religious Jews have lived peacefully amongst their non-Jewish neighbors in the Holy Land for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, approximately 100 years ago the Zionist movement attempted to create a state, in violation of the Torah.  Very quickly, they instigated conflict and became involved in wars with the local non-Jewish population and with neighboring countries. With the creation of the State of Israel, that conflict has continued and exacerbated until our present time.

“According to the Jewish religion, Jews are forbidden to create a state of their own or to fight any wars, therefore the State of Israel is in total violation of Judaism. Presently the State of Israel is attempting to force our religious Jewish youth to serve in their army. – We will never serve in the army of a state that we do not recognize.”

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