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New Hyundai Smartwatch App Allows Remote Car Ignition

SHAFAQNA – Car ignition will be just a tap away with a new app that will help drivers start their cars remotely. South Korean auto producer Hyundai will dispatch its new Blue Link application at the “Consumer Electronics Show 2015″ in Las Vegas. CES 2015 will start next week on January 6. The first Blue Link-a completely incorporated multimedia navigation system was released by Hyundai in 2011 and was developed for the 2012 Hyundai Sonata. Now, the carmaker steps up its game to give smartwatch owners the possibility of controlling their Hyundai cars via an Android Wear adaptation of the Blue Link application.

Those who own a car labelled Hyundai will be able to remotely begin, bolt and open doors and additionally find their auto in a parking garage, according to a press announcement of the car producer. Barry Ratzlaff from Hyundai Motor America stated that the new application extends Hyundai’s investigation into how wearable innovation and Blue Link could be adjusted to clients’ everyday life.

Car holders will likewise have the capacity to perform a series of other car related actions remotely including: light flashing, horn blaring, calling for roadside help or contacting the Blue Link service. Pressing  the microphone symbol on the watch triggers the voice option, allowing the drivers to verbally give commands  like “start my auto”, “bolt my auto”, or “find my auto”, the announcement added.

The app also gathers data about traffic conditions, temperature, fuel costs, sports and news.  As indicated by the car producer all the autos outfitted with Blue Link since it was released in 2011 will be attuned with the app on the smart –watch.

In order to work, the app must be connected to an Android cell by means of Bluetooth. Car owner will be able to download the app from Google Play store free of charge at some point in the first four months of this year. All users have to do to get the app working will be to push a symbol or use voice commands to enable remote features.

The Blue Link smartwatch application was designed by Hyundai in partnership with Station Digital Media.

Hyundai also plans to update the Android Wear rendition with additional Blue Link options like Tire Pressure checking, Telematics unit, Electronic force directing. All these allow car owners to always be informed if their car works properly and is in a general good shape.

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