New Petition against arming of Saudi Arabia gains traction in the UK

SHAFAQNA – A new petition calling for an end to Britain’s military support of Saudi Arabia via arm sales against impoverished Yemen was launched this December in the hope that 2017 would spell respite and not wanton massacre.

For almost two years now Riyadh has rained death and misery onto its Southern Arabian so that Yemen’s Resistance Movement would end its calls for political independence and religious freedom.

Cornered under a brutal military coalition and an unforgiving humanitarian blockade Yemen has been earmarked for annihilation under the convenient cover of political restoration – that of a man who was elected in a one-man election in 2012 and whose mandate ended in 2014. Yet former President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi has been hailed the man of the hour, the one legitimacy Yemen cannot do without.

Nevermind the fact that Hadi has colluded with well-known al-Qaeda militants under the nose of the international community … nevermind the fact that this one man has single-handedly opened up his country to human traffickers and Terror ideologues so that his presidential seat would be returned to his greedy ambition.

An accessory to murder, the British government has provided the kingdom with illegal weapons of war: cluster bombs, and chemical agents, knowing fully well that such weapons would be used against civilian population.

Not even an admission by Riyadh that in fact its military did use UK-made cluster bombs against unarmed combatants in Yemen deterred London.

It needs to stop!

The UK can no longer grandstand on human rights while providing tyrants the means to kill the innocent.

Shafaqna and Wilayah have partnered this December in supporting this petition and we are calling on our readers to read, share and sign this important petition.

While many of you may believe that a petition is unlikely to change anything – to a certain extent we agree, we can no longer afford to do nothing.

Silence today has become acquiescence to Yemen genocide.

Even if for a moment we ought to raise our voices together and push back against those who profess criminality and call it good.

Even if for a moment we ought to remember whose banner it is that we have claimed for ourselves and hold to those sacrifices that were made so that we could learn dignity.

There are injustices which require denouncing.



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