New Quran Exegesis Unveiled at Damascus Book Fair

SHAFAQNA – Al-Tafsir al-Jami Quran interpretation has been compiled by Syria’s Awqaf Minister Mohammed Abdul Sattar.

According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), it was unveiled at a ceremony attended by the author as well as a number of scholars, and religious, cultural and political officials.

Addressing the event, Abdul Sattar said he compiled the exegesis to counter incorrect interpretations of the Quran by Takfiri terrorist groups and political movements wrongly claiming to be Islamic.

Today, there needs to be a Quran interpretation that can disprove claims by Takfiri groups, he said.

The Syrian minister added that wrong interpretations of the Quran could lead to dangerous ideological deviations.

Also speaking was Muhammad Tawfiq Ramazan al-Bouti, the head of the Muslim Scholars Union of the Levant, who described Abdul Sattar’s exegesis as being based on good understanding of the Quran.

In his preface to the book, Abdul Sattar writes that al-Tafsir al-Jami is not just an exegesis but an attempt to contemplate the Quran’s verses.

Four volumes of the book that include interpretation of the first to fourth Juzes (parts) of the Quran have been published so far.

New Quran Exegesis Unveiled at Damascus Book Fair

The International Book Fair (August 2-12) in the Syrian capital, Damascus, has witnessed massive public participation despite several years of foreign states’ attempts to foment division and extremism in the Arab country.

According to the book fair’s official website, 150 Syrian and foreign publishing houses have participated the event.

This is the second round during post-war Syria that has been named ‘Continuity’ and includes seminars and culture lectures, among other activities.

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