Newcastle Muslim Community to Hold March to Promote Peace


SHAFAQNA- The North East Muslim community will take to the streets to make a stand against ISIL.

The community will walk through Newcastle’s West End on January 3 for peace and to show they do not tolerate any organization which promotes terrorism or violence.
The Peaceful Holy Procession will also coincide with the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday and will promote peace and blessings.
The group will also be sharing the true teachings of Islam, which they learn from the Prophet Muhammad. The main teaching is to love all and to hate none.


One of the organizers, Munir Hussain, of the Islamic Education and Welfare Trust, said they’d organized the procession after the success of a similar event last year.
He said: “The procession is about a celebration of the Prophet Muhammad and it’s now a yearly event in Newcastle after the success of the one we organized last year.
“It’s a happy event where all the Muslims get together and walk around showing uniting against terror and violence.
“It’s about promoting peace and harmony between communities and about spreading the message of the Prophet Muhammad.



“We want to express happiness and love and show that we are totally against ISIS and the terror and violence going on in the world.”
The procession will start at 1.45pm (for a 2pm start) at the Newcastle Sports Centre, on Westgate Road, in the city’s West End, and will end at the Benwell Mosque, on Benwell Lane.
Munir added: “It will be a happy event and there will be music and songs and things like that.
“We will give out food and gifts, as well, and make it an event about love.



“It was absolutely a success last year and everyone enjoyed it and we hope to do the same this year.”
Earlier this month, Muslims also flooded the streets of London to promote peace and said they had marched to show “we are all in this together” in the fight against ISIL .
Around 3,000 Muslims marched through the centre of the capital in the annual UK Arbaeen Procession.
Thousands of Muslims used the annual event as an opportunity to show their hatred of ISIL.
Source: Chronicle Live


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