Nigeria New Satellite Channels Spread Islam

SHAFAQNA - In a bid to spread true Islamic teachings, new radio and television channels have been launched by a leading Nigerian Islamic group, serving as a lighthouse in West Africa. 

“We want to change the entire Muslim Ummah’s lives through Manara, in area of preaching to them to do the right thing and always avoid anything capable of breaching the peace,” Sheikh Bala Lau, chairman of Jama’atu Izalatul Bidah (JIBWIS), was quoted by Leadership newspaper on Thursday, June 11. 

Adressing guests at the inauguration in Abuja, Lau said the new channels would be known as Manara Radio and Television stations. 

Along with serving Islam, the project was expected to create job opportunities for youth and women. 

“We are thinking of generating funds through various Jumaát Mosques using Manara stations to assist the less privileged in the society,” Lau said. 

According to Lau, the JIBWIS has been working media field for a long period by running a television satellite called Sunnah satellite television which was transmitting from outside the country “by our brothers and sisters who had the license”. 

The new channel is expected to benefit both Muslims and non-Muslims by helping them to understand the teachings of Islam, he added.

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