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No discrimination in Divine System

SHAFAQNA – When Mecca was conquered by Muslims, a woman from the tribe of “Bani Makhzoom” committed a robbery and her guilt was proved by judicial system. The relatives of that woman considered her punishment as a disgrace for their tribe and in order to stop the process, made Osamah bin Zaid who was very close to the Prophet (PBUH) to intercede on her behalf.

When Osamah started talking, the Prophet (PBUH) was not happy and said: Is this the right occasion for intercession? How can carrying out the laws (of the religion) be abandoned? The Prophet (PBUH) ordered the punishment to be carried out immediately. Osamah realised his mistake and apoligised to the Prophet (PBUH).

To make people aware that discrimination does not exist in Divine System, the Prophet (PBUH), in the afternoon of the same day delivered a sermon and referred to the issue of acting on Divine Law by saying: “The previous nations and tribes were destroyed because they discriminated in carrying out the Divine Law.

Whenever a high ranking person committed a crime, they exempted him/her from the punishment but punished the low ranking ones in the same society. Swear to Allah (SWT) who has given me life, I will not be inactive or slow in carrying out the Divine Law on anyone, even if the guilty one is one of my closest relatives” [1].

[1] Sahih Bokhari, Vol. 5, page 269.

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